Grace Federico Awi

GOD before everything...
In My Dark Skin I WIN...I Love The Skin I'm In...
I write what I feel and I feel what I write...
I love art, I am art and art is me...
I Love food, cooking it, eating it, smelling it. (drools)...
I Love Africa...
My Spiritual self is a citizen of the universe....
My Human self is from The RepublicOfSouthSudan (Nimule) & Sudan (Nuba Mountains)
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In the park catching some sun 😎🌞💛 (at Kirkstall Abbey)

😂 smiling a bit too much 🙈😂😁


Working on some art 😁🎨

Wearing baby sis top 😁😁😁 enjoying the sun with Ms R 😎😘

Out and about with mummy and lil big bro with my new vintage shades 😎😁💛🌞

My aunts comb is getting taxed #loveIt 😍

In the backyard making use of the sunshine…🌞💛🎨

My art hanging out in the corridor at home I don’t think mummy is gonna let this one go 🙈😁

Selfies at the bank! Waiting waiting waiting 😁🙈💛🌞

Spent my afternoon in the garden creating her out of paint and material I have lying around! She’s on a huge canvas so until I figure out how to fit her on a pic am letting y’all have a sneak peak with different iPhone effects 😁🎨💛🌞




By artist Gaikou student illustrator based in Beijing